About the origins of Picfee

In a world where art, images and other content becomes more important every day, photographers, designers and artists are paid less than ever before. We thought this can be done differently.

Picfee started as assisting a handful of local photographers with commercial discussions and valuing their images based on usage. The most important added value is quality guarantee and fair earnings for image makers.

Our mission was clear to me from day one, I want to work with Picfee to make the art world more transparent, by managing quality and ensuring a fair fee for image makers. The world of art was, so to speak, missing a Tony Chocolonely. And we have been fulfilling that role with Picfee since 2018. A transparent and fair result for every stakeholder, and refreshingly high-quality artworks. 



Realized artworks

Since 2018


Artists on Picfee 

Since our platform launch in 2021


Digital files sold

Since 2018


Corporate photoshoots

Since 2022


About the our brand

From the start, we have experienced that our customers think it is great that the artist also really benefits from it.

Since 2020, we have also offered artists and our customers the opportunity to buy and sell images online and since 2021, our customers can also create works of art in almost any desired format and material in the image maker shops.

It's great to see that we are making more impact every day in making the art world more transparent and realizing unique collaborations.

Despite all the growth and new solutions, our goals and core values are still the same and that gives both artists and our customers the confidence that is extra important in this industry.

Founder Picfee

From local hero to internationally known A vibrant community of artists with unique stories and backgrounds
  • Dutch gallery quality
  • Splitting profits 50/50 with artists
  • We ship your art within 10 business days
  • Carefully packed and shipped

At Picfee we have not one but two customers, so only the best is good enough.

At Picfee we are proud of our reputation as a supplier of high-quality wall decoration materials. We understand that our customers want only the best for their walls, which is why we test and approve all our materials before offering them.

We work with the best print labs to ensure that our materials meet our strict quality standards. This means that we only offer materials that are sustainable, of high quality and produced with care. Each in their own segment and own (added) value.

Photo: Hahnemühle Fine art paper on dibond in black wood-coated frame.

Read more about this material here.

We are here for you and for the face behind your favorite artwork(s).

But we do much more than that. We really work side by side with our clients and bring artists to the table to exhibit their images in the most unique places. We really do it together, because without artists there is no platform and without Picfee there is no high-quality wall decoration with a fair profit share. That is why artists find their home at Picfee.

At Picfee we deliver quality and service that you would like to experience without losing sight of any party. That's what makes us so special.

Photo: Start of Picfee X Mediamarkt, a unique combination of shopping and experiencing art.

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