20 Feb 2024

Business office decoration with Picfee wall art

Joost van der Giessen | Picfee

For wall art in the office, there are numerous possibilities available. From sleek prints that visualize your company culture to having a Picfee photographer come to your location to capture your desired spots, people, and culture. This way, you create a unique atmosphere in waiting areas, meeting rooms, or workspaces!

The design of office buildings and meeting rooms is undergoing significant changes. But how do you approach this, and what are the possibilities? 

In this blog, we'll guide you through and have your office revitalized in no time in a unique way.


The function of an office has changed significantly since the COVID-19 pandemic. Remote work became more common, leading to many offices being utilized differently. To adapt the work environment to the new way of working, it's essential that it reflects these changes.

There are numerous possibilities available. From sleek prints that visualize your company culture to having a Picfee photographer come to your location to capture your desired spots, people, and culture. This way, you create a unique atmosphere in waiting areas, meeting rooms, or workspaces!

Showcase what the company stands for or what places are unique to the company. Is your office located in the heart of Rotterdam? Opt for a beautiful print of the Erasmus Bridge in the mist or the stunning streets of downtown Rotterdam. Prefer wall decor related to shipping, containers, or logistics? By using a photographer, your desired image can be captured. This way, you create your own identity in your office! Additionally, as a company, you contribute to fair compensation for the image creator. Inspiration for the office can be found in our business lookbook. Download it easily and quickly to find inspiration for your office! 


Rotterdam Skyline


On the office premises, you only want the best quality wall decor!

At Picfee, you'll find the finest quality images for the office. Whether it's a beautiful image of your office premises or the city where the company is located, Picfee has it all! We provide professional museum-quality materials for all wall decor. Unique images in the waiting room, meeting room, or workspaces deserve the best quality. Wall decor on acrylic glass gives the images a real-life effect. The reflection in the glass brings the image to life. Additionally, we offer numerous other materials for the best wall decor. Choose to give the entire space a new look with seamless airtex wallpaper. Or opt for aluminum or canvas material in a luxurious wooden frame. Check out our materials page and see which material suits your office best. 


Wall decor that truly belongs in your company?

Do you want something unique on the wall that reflects the company's work? That's possible with the help of Picfee. We ensure that a photographer comes to your location. You can indicate your preferences regarding the photos for the wall decor. Let your favorite spots be photographed, and we'll make a selection for your best choice. This way, you create a real atmosphere and give a clear impression of the company on the wall. The best wall decor consists of unique images from the company! Whether it's the beautiful logistics ships or the restaurant on the wall? At Picfee, we ensure that your wish is fulfilled. Additionally, you have the choice of the best materials at Picfee!



Client photo - VKV Service 


The best office design with a unique focus

At Picfee, you'll find the best wall decor for the office. Additionally, we ensure the best materials that bring the print to life. Therefore, choose acrylic glass with the reflection that gives the image a 3D feeling. Or opt for art on dibond. This clearly displays every detail of the wall decor. Additionally, you can choose art on canvas. This can be finished with a luxurious wooden frame. Check out our materials page and see which one suits your office best.


Functional wall decor for the office

At Picfee, you'll find unique images on various materials for wall decor. This allows you to easily choose fine art wall decor for, for example, the boardroom or meeting rooms. Additionally, at Picfee, you can also combine functional wall decor with unique images from any image creator on Picfee. For example, you can opt for acoustic wall decor. Our acoustic wall decor ensures that noisy rooms with echo feel pleasant again in no time, with little to no echo. Additionally, it's also possible to insulate walls with our functional wall decor, for example, with our insulating airtex wallpaper. A seamless wallpaper combined with unique images ensures that spaces are better insulated.




Acoustic wall art with Elephant




How do I purchase wall decor for the office from Picfee most easily?

How does the ordering process work? First, choose the print that best suits your office. Then choose the desired material. This can be acrylic glass, canvas, dibond, or even airtex wallpaper. Picfee offers various materials that shine in every space. After selecting the material, choose the desired size. If you have any doubts, you can always contact the Picfee team. Finally, choose the hanging system. Options include a hanging plate, a blind hanging system, or spacers. Would you rather have unique art at the office? Then you can contact Picfee, and we'll ensure that a photographer comes to your location. You can then indicate directly what you would like to have photographed to capture the company's atmosphere on wall decor. After the photographer has visited, you can choose a selection of the best photos. After making your choice, inform Picfee which print you would like on which material. We'll ensure that it's printed at the highest quality! The wall decor is delivered insured and will hang beautifully at your office!


Gaining inspiration for the design of every business space with unique wall decor?

Do you want to create a new atmosphere at the office but aren't sure what fits? Or do you have ideas for different themes in every office space?

Then download our business lookbook now for inspiration. Here you'll find multiple inspirational photos for the office. Additionally, you can check Picfee Business to see which other companies have preceded you. Gain inspiration here! Do you want to know more about personal wall decor? Then contact the Picfee team here.  


Rotterdam a misty morning



Now that you've come this far scrolling, we want to give you that little bit extra.

Below, you'll find the most frequently asked questions and answers on popular categories for business wall decor.


What are the benefits of wall decor in a business environment?

Wall decor can have a positive effect on the atmosphere and appearance of a business environment. It can give the space more personality and character and contribute to a professional appearance. It can also have a positive effect on the mood and productivity of employees.


What are the most popular styles of wall decor for business spaces?

The most popular styles of wall decor for business spaces range from classic to modern. Artworks and photo prints are popular, but there is also a growing trend in seamless photo wallpaper and door stickers.


What are the best materials for wall decor in a business environment?

This depends on the specific wishes of companies. Artworks can be made from various materials, such as oil paint on canvas or bronze. Photo prints on Fuji photo paper can be applied to various materials, such as dibond or behind plexiglass. Wall stickers are often made of vinyl, while our seamless wallpaper is available in various materials, airtex, walltex, and multitex.


How can I ensure that the wall decor in my company matches the rest of the decor?

It's important to match the wall decor to the style and atmosphere of the rest of the decor. Previously, companies often chose to hire an interior designer to help them make the right choice. After all, it's important to consider the colors and materials of the furniture and floors to ensure that the wall decor complements them well. Today, you often have just as much access to so-called lookbooks and remote advice. By downloading our lookbooks, you can gain inspiration wherever and whenever you want through hundreds of different examples. 


How do I maintain the wall decor in my office?

The maintenance of wall decor depends on the material it's made of. Artworks should be cleaned carefully to prevent damage, while photo prints and wall paintings can be cleaned with a damp cloth. Wall stickers and wallpaper are usually easy to clean with a mild cleaning agent and a soft brush.


What are the costs of wall decor for business spaces?

The costs of wall decor depend on the material, size, and design of the chosen artwork. Artworks can range from a few hundred to thousands of euros. Photo prints are usually cheaper and typically cost between 50 and 500 euros, depending on the size and material. Wall/door stickers are generally affordable and cost between 50 and 300 euros. Wallpaper can range from 25 to 100 euros per square meter, depending on the material and any services.


Where can I buy wall decor for business spaces?

There are several options for purchasing wall decor for business spaces. Art galleries are a great option for companies looking for original artworks. Online platforms like Picfee are today's ideal place to find new wall decor. Here, you automatically contribute to making the world of content more transparent, and each sale ensures that an image creator has a fair chance of existence. 


How can I install my wall decor?

companies can choose to install the wall decor themselves, but it's usually better to hire a professional. Artworks should be hung carefully to prevent damage, while murals and wall stickers should be applied in a certain way to ensure that they stay in place. Depending on your location, Picfee offers this installation service. The installation costs depend on the material and size of the wall decor and the location of the company. Are you curious? Simply send us an email via hello@picfee.com or schedule here a digital introduction with us. We're happy to help!!

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